*I have a module with child routes working like this:*
const appRoutes: Routes = [ 
 { path: '', redirectTo: 'login', pathMatch: 'full'},
 { path: 'login', component: BackendLoginComponent }, 

imports: [RouterModule.forChild(appRoutes)],
exports: [RouterModule]

*defined as child module with children routes in main routing module in 
app.module like this:*
const appRoutes: Routes = [
{ path: '', component: HomepageComponent},
{ path: 'backend', loadChildren: 'app/backend/backend.module#BackendModule' 

imports: [RouterModule.forRoot(appRoutes)],
exports: [RouterModule]

I want to assign a 'BackendBaseComponent' to my 'backend' child module, 
which would be shown on every single 'backend' subpage.
So basically my Idea is to add some sort of <root-children-outlet></...> 
into BackendBaseComponent and assign it to BackendModule as default 
rendering outlet for these child routes.

is that at all possible or is there any other way to do this?


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