I am attempting to write an Angular 2 app that I build with Webpack and 
would like to import Components that I've developed in a separate library 
and include via npm. This has proven to be hugely problematic - I've been 
banging my head against the wall with it for well over a week, with every 
approach leading to some dead end to which there is apparently no known 
solution. At least, no known solution to be found after extensive scouring 
of StackOverflow, so now I turn to this forum...

Rather than detail my various attempts and resultant errors/failures, at 
this point I just want to know if this is even theoretically possible. Has 
anyone managed to include a component via npm and then have webpack find it 
in node_modules and include it successfully in a running app? Are there 
know working examples in the wild you can point to?


PS - at this point I'm completely flexible on which versions of webpack and 
Angular 2 I use, at this point I feel like I've tried em all. :) 

PPS - I have actually managed to make this work partially - I can include a 
Component with inline template and styles, but things fall apart when I try 
to also include associated .less styles and .html templates. As a sort of 
"standard", I used angular2-seed as my sample app, and a library that I 
generated with https://github.com/jvandemo/generator-angular2-library , but 
then embellished with a component that includes template and style files.

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