WOW O WOW thank you clarifying... This makes MUCH more sense than swimming 
in the dark lost. They really need to copy-paste what you wrote as an 
excerpt at the end of the tutorial, because I bet more people like me are 
set on a bad path. 

On Friday, January 13, 2017 at 2:53:30 AM UTC-5, Sander Elias wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> Those are a bit different. Quickstart has been build around systemJS, wich 
> basically a tool that makes the browser know what to do with modules (load 
> them when asked for.) This sounds nice, but you end up with 2500+ modules 
> to load, and this slows down tremendously. Even on http2. (ok,ok, not 
> really black-white, and I'm simplifying and cutting corners here!)
> This is not a problem if you want to do a small prototype, and it's a very 
> flexible way of building. However, turns out, that for production you need 
> overly complex configuration/tooling.
> On the other side is Angular-CLI. This is a build tool and generator in 
> one. It takes care of all the nasty tooling stuff, and building for 
> production is as simple as adding a --prod to the command at hand. Also, it 
> helps you during the whole lifetime of the application. Adding a module, 
> components/whatever you need, CLI will help. Want to utilise AOT? again, 
> CLI will help, and so on. The list is getting longer with every release.
> Takeaway: use the CLI. And stay clear of other build tools as long as you 
> possibly can. For most projects, that will be the entire lifetime of those. 
> The TOH, was build before the CLI was in a usable state, and is a demo 
> project, it was never meant to be build for production. (euhm, last time I 
> looked TOH didn't use CLI, but that might have been changed!)
> Regards
> Sander

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