I'm learning Angular 2 with MVC and leveraging Visual Studio 2017. 
I'm leveraging the Angular SPA template provided by Microsoft that includes 
the .Net Core framework. 

I have uploaded my"sandbox" code into a github repo here: 

The installation process I used to get the template is from a npm 
command:  dotnet new --install Micosoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates::* 

Once complete I created the project with " dotnet new angular" and started 
to get to work learning this framework.

The issue I have is in calling a very simple Web API from a MVC Controller 
that should just return a simple JSON Object.

If the code is reviewed you will see that the "product-list.component.ts" 
 makes a subscription call to the getProducts Observable method of the "
product.service.ts" and this then makes a call to the API with a mapping of 
the response to a Product Array.

The console shows that the JSON data is coming back correctly but I don't 
understand why the template is not displaying any data.

If anyone can assist that would be very appreciated.

-- Martin 

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