I'm using ng2-file-upload with angular 5. I'm trying to write a custom 
filter where I want to compare file headers (parsed from a CSV file) with 
table headers (coming from server response)

here's my code -

fileTemplateFilter() {
    return Observable.create(observable => {
            name: 'fileTemplateFilter',
            fn: (item, options) => {
                var type = item.type || null;
                if (type == "application/pdf") return true;
                this.fileUploadLoader = true;
                let tableHeaders, fileHeaders;
                    this.getCsvHeaders(item.name, 1).subscribe((res: any) 
=> {
                        tableHeaders = res;
                    this.getFileHeaders(item.rawFile).subscribe(res => {
                        fileHeaders = res;
                ]).subscribe(() => {
                    if (fileHeaders && tableHeaders) {
                        var is_same = (fileHeaders.length == 
tableHeaders.length) && fileHeaders.every(function (element, index) {
                            return element === tableHeaders[index];
                        if (is_same == true) {
                            this.fileUploadLoader = false;
                            return observable.complete();
                        } else {
                            console.error('file template doesn\'t match for 
this file - ' + item.name + ' ...!', 'Error');
                            this.fileUploadLoader = false;
                            return observable.complete();
                    } else {
                        this.fileUploadLoader = false;
                        return observable.complete();
I was using this filter in AngularJS & now I want the similar in Angular 5 
<https://mindmajix.com/angularjs-training>. Finally, I want to only return 
true/false from this filter. but I'm stuck at Observables.

I'm calling this function fileTemplateFilter() in constructor. But it 
doesn't work when I select a file to upload. And it's returning this error 
- ERROR TypeError: You provided an invalid object where a stream was 
expected. You can provide an Observable, Promise, Array, or Iterable ... at 

Thank you

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