Protractor E2E test scripts using Mocha BDD framework does not pass every 
time (pass rate is very less, inconsistent) when we run both in local and 
Sauce Labs.

We are using classic promise chaining concept instead of promise manager in 
our E2E test scripts 
We reffered here

We also used two different types of approach using MochaDone(done) callback 
and with try/catch block returning a promise.

Bug report
Mocha Unhandled Promise rejection exceptions:
This was one of the major issue we faced commonly with Mocha. We tried the 
below to over come this exception , but failed to resolve.
• Promise.resolve()
• Promise.all() 
• Returning promise without done callback.
• Use of async(),await.
• setTimeout()

Node Version: 8.9.4 ``

Protractor Version: 5.3.0 ``

Mocha Version: 3.5.0 ``

Angular Version: 1.6``

Browser(s): Google Chrome 62,63,64``

Operating System and Version: Windows 7, 10 ``


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