Hi, I try to do the following:

my app consists of 4 main components. For now I simply want them to be 
<mat-expansion-panel>s (Angular Material).
So each of the 4 components has a header with title and description and 
then a content panel with different content that can be opened/closed 
independently from each other .

I thought about making an abstract base class with the html of the 
<mat-expansion-panel>, something like this

<mat-expansion-panel [expanded]="true">


<!-- different content -->


Now the problem is (I'm just starting with angular) how do I inject the 

My first idea would be to add an abstract getContent():component method to 
the base class that the children could override but I think that is not 
angular-like or not possible. 

Now I'm thinking about what *the angular way* of doing something like this 
could be.
I have different ideas but it's hard to rate them because of my missing 
experience. I would love to get some help thinking it through to not loose 
one day per idea trying it out and reverting again.

*Idea 1*
Of course I can simply copy the code to each component. But everytime I 
decide to change something I would have to change it everywhere.

*Idea 2*
Instead of having the html above in a base class or copied to each 
component I could just have it 4 times in the parent component.
Pro: the problem is kind of gone
Contra: the template for the 4 components should be in the template files 
of the components?!

*Idea 3*
I put the header in a template and somehow inject it into the 4 components
Pro: at least the header is not copied
Contra: Beside the header template everything else is still copied 4 times. 

I guess <ng-template> and ViewContainerRef is somehow made for this? Anyone 
can point me to a similar example?
Thanks a lot

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