I am working on an application which has both AngularJS and Angular.The 
application boots from a page developed using AngularJS. But, there is one 
component that is developed in Angular. Right now, I am invoking Angular 
component from a html page using the below line:


Inside app\app.module.ts file, I have specified a specific parent component 
to be bootstrapped. This parent component in turn invokes a child 
component. I put some console.log statements in the constructor of the 
parent and child component and I see everything works fine for the first 

But, when I navigate away and comeback to the html page again, I notice 
that the parent and child components are not getting initialized. The only 
workaround I have found is to refresh the entire page which is not ideal. I 
tried to unload the Angular components as soon as the user navigates away 
but I couldn't find any suitable SystemJS methods.

I know Angular components gets initialized only once which is probably why 
this is happening but is there a way to get past this issue?


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