Hi Everyone,

In this form there is a dropdown where one needs to select the item and the 
corresponding selected items details like items-> Name,Drawing-no and Rate 
are displayed in a table and Quantity has to be entered by the user.When 
the user clicks on Add Schedule button the details of item are shown like 
name,drawing no and rate etc but the quantity might differ and is entered 
by the user.

So I want to create a form or a popup where multiple rows for a single item 
can be entered  until the quantity matches with the above quantity and then 
save it.
i.e If suppose the total quantity entered above = 100
then in schedule popup at first the user might enter only quantity=10 and 
second time again he wants to enter only qty=10 ie  rows should be added 
until the rest 80 nos is entered. 

I tried with many solutions but its not working .In the attachment shown 
below when I change the quantity below the value in above row also changes.

Please could anyone help me with it.I tried searching a lot but couldn't 
get any solution for it.
I have attached two screenshots where you can understand what I am exactly 
trying to do

Thanks in Advance,
Regards Rakhee

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