Hello, all. 

My working group is feeling some tension between React and Angular.  All I 
care about is keeping our web components encapsulated, so that I can 
connect one to another without worrying about what it was connected to 

This article will explain what I am talking about more 

Is there a system where component are forced to communicate in constrained 
ways?  Like each component has a JSON file associated with it.  The json 
file describes the component's inputs and outputs.  And another component 
talks to our component only by referring to the json structure.  Our 
component talks to another component only by referring to the json 
structure.  Perhaps, as the output (for example) referred to goes through 
its nested definitions and gets to actual code, it uses React to emit an 
event.  Or it uses Angular to emit an event.  All that the component cares 
is "I sent a message out this connection."

I would like to avoid getting React and Angular code strewn all through our 
application.  Once you do that, you can never (easily) go to the other 
framework.  And it's too easy to break encapsulation, and not be away of it 
until you need to move the component to another spot and give it a 
different communication partner. 

I found Polymer designer, but it does a lot more than I am envisioning, and 
there doesn't seem to be a currently working version. 

Thoughts?  Has anyone else had similar thoughts?

                Regards, Rick

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