Hello Sander,

First of all thank You for Your response.

*Just to clarify my problem*. We have customers which use our platform and 
they cant or will not be allowed to expose their code to us.
They are using our API (AngularJS services, models, components) in order to 
integrate. *Their builds do not depend on ours*. In order to build their 
plugin they are using our core module which is build, production code 
Going a bit deeper in plugin build. Plugin code depends on core module, but 
dependency is not injected at build time. It is injected on page load. 
example: https://pastebin.com/TreYLXnv
*So we cannot have monorepo* for all external plugins. We need to have 
ability to build plugin separately and *be able to load it at page load 

So going back to Angular 6 and CLI, how can it help us? Can you give me 
some kind of a sample of exporting apps and libraries which could be 
combined later at page load time?
If Angular 6 CLI is not a solution can we achieve custom builds using 
WebPack or others. If so, can we get a sample of customizing build?


On Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 7:04:26 PM UTC+3, Sander Elias wrote:
> Hi Darius,
> From version 6 on, the Angular CLI will offer support for this. you can 
> create a single project, that will hold multiple apps and libraries. You 
> can test this already with the RC of version 6, but there is little to no 
> documentation yet.
> If you need to get started today, I would say, take a look at NX from nrwl 
> <https://nrwl.io/nx>, as this is supporting this setup already.
> However, both of those solutions will create you a monorepo for your 
> project. 
> Regards
> Sander

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