Hi There,

*<<<Disclaimer I am not a developer I am a Project Manager>>>*

We are currently building an application in angular and node. Part of our 
application involves a calendar with a drag and drop functionality where 
events can be moved between the different days. We have recently found out 
that the development team has build this functionality by using jQuery 
instead of Angular. 

>From what I have researched so far, using jQuery in an Angular platform is 
bad practice and can make the platform more complicated for management and 
updates. I haven't found anything on what this impacts on security either 
but it would be great if anyone can share any feedback with regards to 

So questions are if anyone can help:

1. Is it possible to build the above functionality in Angular without using 

2. Is it advised to use jQuery with Angular?

3. Are there any security implications for using jQuery with Angular? (for 
example also in the scenario if there are scripts that have jQuery 
libraries even that aren't used on the platform but are contained with 
another script)

Many Thanks in advance! 

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