I read draft-ietf-anima-prefix-management-01 today looking for a model for
how to define an ASA. I find section 5, and I it is reasonable, but I feel
that there are perhaps some critial details missing.

I think that it's pretty important to be more verbose than you might think
in the early ASA documents, because it will be copy and pasted.

For instance, I think that there might be a negotiation phase after the
discovery... that might involve a number of round trips.  I also think that
there might be multiple negotiations, and M_WAIT, M_SYNCH or M_NEG_SYN might
be involved, such that an aggregate prefix will be negotiated for subsequence


I then went on the section 6.x which details with quite a lot of ideas about
Intent.  They are interesting ideas, but I think that they do not belong

I found it interesting (a self-comment on my clue) that I have no idea what
eany of: RNC Site Gateway (RSG), Aggregation Site Gateway (ASG), Cell Site 
(CSG). I'm getting it has to do with 3G/mobile IP systems.

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