hi nesa,

> This has a lot of drawbacks, but after increasing IP_MTU_SIZE size to  
> 45000 I can send meshes from examples folder as one bundle, and that  
> will do for now.
nice. i'm curious to see what you manage to do with it.

> - What is the best way to traverse the whole 'scene' and collect all  
> existing Faces?
probably the easiest way is to use the allLayers vector, which holds all
layers without the recursion structure. each layer has one mesh
attached, in which you can find the faces vector.

> - How to convert vertex coordinates back to opengl world  
> coordinates(view and coord seem to have same extents)
as far as i remember 2d vertex coords are multipled by the
transformation matrix of the layer.

> - What are opengl coordinates of corners of output window?
it's a window with 640x480 resolution, 0,0 in the top-left corner. the
camera can be moved, though.

> After I sort this out and get out of hacky corner, I would definitely  
> like to merge my mods with main source, but for this kind of use it  
> would be much better if we had some kind of plug-in architecture... is  
> that possible?
what kind of plug-in architecture are you thinking about?

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