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2009/4/11 gabor papp <ga...@kitchenbudapest.hu>:
> thanks for your efforts to compile animata on archlinux. the svn version
> of animata compiles fine in fedora and ubuntu.

Fedora has switched to GCC 4.4, just like Arch has.
I can only assume that Animata does not compile with Fedora,
since it does not compile with Arch.

These are the major distros that use GCC 4.4 right now (source:
* OpenSUSE
* Fedora
* Mandriva
* Arch

> i suggest that you make
> the modificiations you describe starting from the svn version. there
> were lots of gcc 4.3 fixes a couple of months ago.

I did fix several errors, trying to make Animata compile, but it
quickly became apparent that a bit of quick patching would not be

In my point of view, these are two solid arguments for why you would
want to support version 4.4:
* Supporting GCC 4.4 is about actually following the C++ standard
rather than supporting an entirely new featureset.
* 4.4 will quickly become more widespread than version 4.3.

> your problem seems something like that. good luck.

My conclusion is that this is not my problem or a problem with GCC,
but a problem with Animata.
You can choose to fix it or not, but now at least you know that it
does not compile.

Best regards,
   Alexander Rødseth
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