Hi Folks,

I tried to build animata on 10.6 by forcing it to build 32 Bit
universal - which will work as long as you can get universal versions
of the dependencies. Libpng, libjpg were no problem, but the only
version of the fltk libs I could find with a universal varient on
macports was fltk-devel. So I downloaded this, and it compiled and I
was able to link the FL include files. The only missing link seems to
be problems with the FLU widgets used in Animata for tree_browsing. It
seems that the linking between the files animataUI.fl generates (I
regenerated these too: animataUI.h and .cpp) and the flu tree browser
get broken (symbols not found)

This is as far as I was able to get - does anyone have a working
version for 10.6 or an updated animateUI.fl file that integrates with
a universal version of the FLU widgets for tree_browsing? Any advice
would be appreciated.


Seth Hunter
Research Assistant & PhD Candidate, Fluid Interfaces, MIT Media Lab
Hasbro Toy Company Fellow
work: http://www.perspectum.com
group: http://fluid.media.mit.edu
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