Open source project never died but it is always sleep.

It could always be rejuvenate either by the starter, other people, or 
form basis for other project.

So Animata is just sleeping/dormant before someone come along to use it 
or make it active again.


God blesses!!!

Best regards,

On 30/07/12 17:20, Adrian Knoth wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 09:40:21PM +0200, Michael Lew wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
> Hi!
>> We have a small team of developers and are debating where to spend
>> our time and energy during the next few weeks.
>> Would it be useful to implement Syphon in Animata ? What are people
>> thinking out there, among the developer's community who has used it ?
> To the best of my knowledge, animata is dead. I was quite surprised to
> see a message on this list. Without checking the archive, it feels like
> the first message this year.
> >From checking the list of code commits, I arrive at the conclusion that
> animata is either error-free and feature complete or discontinued:
> So if you and your team would contribute more stuff, this would
> certainly be helpful. OTOH, if you decide to start with a more active
> project in the first place, who could possibly argue with that?
> Don't get me wrong, I like animata and would certainly appreciate active
> development, but if you just want to use it as a foundation for a new
> project, it always makes sense to check upstream's liveliness, first.
> Cheers

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