Hi all,

I managed to get Animata working using Eyesweb & MaxMSP.

I used a PC and a MAC
*On the PC - *
I used Eyesweb to get the OSC data and then MaxMSP to capture them and send
them over the network.
* On the MAC-*
I used MaxMSP to capture the OSC send from the PC and then to my rigged
character in Animata.

The results were pretty good the only problem I faced was having a well lit
room and sometime the rigging would fall apart (for reasons not known to me)
I think the more complex the character for erg. .with legs the more tricky.
The Indonesian shadow puppet works best.
But I finally got a good rigged character.

Thanks to all at Kitchen Budapest for the EyesWeb patches and ofcourse for
giving us ANIMATA :)

And also thanks to my teacher Jan Klug for helping me out with MaxMSP

Heres a link to a small video I made while testing it out at my studio in
school http://zamonia.blogspot.com/2009/09/eureka-it-works.html

If anyone wants the Max patches feel free to mail me,

Ph.: +31611334896
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