Hello again,
I do not have a firewire port in my PC, and Eyesweb does not seem to
recognize my Sony PD170 or Sony HDR-CX100 plugged into a USB port nor
my built-in webcam.
Has anyone had any success with USB ports (not firewire)?  If not,
would there be a way for the patch to get video signal from a USB
Many thanks.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 11:33 PM, sahAL meRchaNT <sah...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I finally got down to writing ans getting all my patches together...
> although they dont look like much i had a lot of organising to do.
> Find attached the patches for Animata to work with EyesWeb+MaxMSP
> I don't think the Animata mailing list stores attachments so all those who
> need the patches mailed to them personally reply to this thread.
> If the EyesWeb patch attached doesnt not work well with the latest version
> of EyesWeb I suggest uninstalling your current EyesWeb version
> =====================
> 1. Uninstall all previous versions of EyesWeb and start with a clean Install
> of the EyesWeb Legacy setup
> 2. then The EyesWeb Ver.3 & Ver.4 addons setup
> 3. then the current version of EyesWeb.
> (If you cant find any of these versions, mail me and I'll try and upload
> them somewhere for u to download)
> =====================
> Ok Now we're good to go
> For my Animata setup I use
> 1. A PC for EyesWeb and then for MaxMSP to capture OSC data
> 2. A Mac to recieve the OSC data from the PC and then finally Animata
> =====================
> PC Patches
> 1. "oscmanLive.eywx" - This patch should work perfectly if you've installed
> all previous versions of EyesWeb. Make sure your camera is on & running
> before u start this patch. Make sure Windows has detected your camera. (I
> use a firewire port for an external camera. I havent tried an inbuilt cam or
> a webcam). Press play and wallah!!
> 2. "UDP Receive.maxpat" - this is a basic MaxMSP patch for stealing OSC data
> from EyesWeb. Make sure you change the IP address in the "updsend" object
> box which is now Change this to the IP address of your Mac
> where you are going to run Animata from. 7000 is the port. You can leave it
> as it is.
> You should see numbers fluctuating which means the patch is capturing OSCs
> from EyesWeb.
> =====================
> MAC Patches
> 1."OSC_Receive Animata.maxpat" This patch receives the OSC data from the
> "UDP Receive.maxpat" on the PC. Once you see numbers fluctuating you know
> alls working well. Make sure the gate is unchecked if u dont see anything
> moving. Below u will see a series of bpatchers with names like "head' ,
> "hd1rt", "hd1lt"etc.
> These are the names of the joints...
> Find attached Animata_Joints.jpg to see how I've named the joints.
> hd = Hand
> lg = Leg
> rt= Right
> lt  = Left
> After  you've named the joints as in the jpg, lastly on your projector
> settings you will have to flip the image so that your movements corresponds
> with your projected Animata character.
> If your projector doesnt have a flip option or you don't wish to go through
> the pain of flipping ur image just flip the names of the joints in Animata
> and interchange them. i.e. name all the joints on the right of your screen
> are "hd1rt" etc. and the ones on the left with "hd1lt" etc.
> 2. "OSC_Scalar.maxpat" - this is a patch that "OSC_Receive Animata.maxpat"
> refers to for the pictslider. Make sure this is in the same folder as the
> main patch.
> =====================
> Well thats about all there is to it.
> It should work fine if you've gone through all these steps.
> Once again thanks to the KitchenBudapest team for sharing their  patches
> with me and also a big thank you to Jan Klug my teacher at the Frank Mohr
> Instituut.
> If anyone has any more questions feel free to write to me and share your
> videos. I'm curious to see them,
> Warm regards from COLD COLD HOLLAND!!
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> you get." - Tender Branson
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