Yes, I've used animata with osculator. Worked just fine, but I am now using
quartz composer (you can get a wiimote patch for qc from the good folks at Save you a few dollars if you haven't purchased oasculator yet.

On Mar 3, 2010 7:47 AM, "Ανδρέας Π" <> wrote:

Hello again!

Is anyone who has succesfully controlled a puppet in animata via Osculator?
Ι know from previous posts
that the port that the animata receives OSC messages is 7110 and that the
syntax to move a joint is
/joint name(string) x(float) y(float)

I am trying to do that with a wiimote but obviously something I am doing


On 03 Μαρ 2010, at 10:10 π.μ.,  Ανδρέας Π wrote:

> That's great! Thank you!
> On 03 Μαρ 2010, a...

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