The Apache Tuscany team is pleased to announce the 2.0-Beta1 release of
the Java SCA 2.0 project.

Apache Tuscany/SCA provides a runtime environment based on Service
Component Architecture (SCA), which is a set of OASIS specifications
aimed at simplifying SOA application development.

This is the first beta release on our way to a full 2.0 release.
We've made the move from milestone to beta releases as, at the time
of the branch being taken for this release, the Tuscany 2.0 SCA Java
runtime supported all of the mandatory features defined in the following
OASIS SCA specifications:

* SCA Assembly Model V1.1
* SCA Policy Framework V1.1
* SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs V1.1
* SCA Java Component Implementation V1.1
* SCA Web Services Binding V1.1
* SCA JMS Binding V1.1

See the RELEASE_NOTES and CHANGES file for more details about the
release, and to download the distributions please go to:

To find out more about OASIS Open CSA go to:

Apache Tuscany welcomes your help. Any contribution, including code,
testing, contributions to the documentation, or bug reporting is
always appreciated. For more information on how to get involved in
Apache Tuscany visit the website at:

Thank you for your interest in Apache Tuscany!

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