The Apache UIMA team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache UIMA Java
SDK, version 2.4.0.

Apache UIMA is a component architecture and framework for the analysis of
unstructured content like text, video and audio data. 

This release only includes the UIMA Java SDK, and does not yet have the other
components (UIMA-AS, UIMA-CPP, and the AddOns). It is backward compatible with 
the previous release, except for adding some additional measurement methods to 
some JMX instrumentation classes. 

This is a bug fix release, plus some tooling enhancements. A new Eclipse plugin 
hooks into Eclipse's "launching" capability to support launching annotators 
more easily from Eclipse. The Cas Editor Eclipse plugin has been substantially 
enhanced, based on user feedback. For a complete list of changes, please see 
the download pages, and click on the RELEASE_NOTES.

 -Marshall Schor, for the Apache UIMA development team

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