On behalf of the Apache Bigtop team, I'd love to announce the general
availability of the Bigtop 1.0.0 release (the website is being updated right

A few notable new features in this release include:
    * based on the stable Hadoop 2.6.0
    * Ignite data fabric 1.2.0 with its Hadoop accelerator
    * Spark 1.3.1
    * HBase 0.98.12
    * latest version of Phoenix, the Apache HBase SQL layer project
    * a number of new components are added: Kafka, YCSB, Kite are among them
    * toolchain is updated to the latest versions of the development tools
    * standard docker containers are available for builds, testing, and alike
    * a huge UX improvement in the deployment is made for unattended cluster
      deployment and/or testing
    * and many upgrades to the latest versions for the ecosystem projects
      (Mahout, Solr, Giraph, etc.)

It is the rock-solid release of the Apache Bigdata platform with close to 350
bugs fixed and new features added over the span of 10 months.

Deploying Bigtop is easy: grab the repo/list file for your favorite Linux
and you'll be running your very own bigdata cluster in no time!

I also want to express the gratitude to the project contributors - everyone in
the community who made this release possible!

  Cos (Bigtop 1.0.0 RM)

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