Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

It’s a great pleasure to announce the release of Apache OpenWebBeans-1.7.3.

Apache OpenWebBeans is a CDI container (Contexts and Dependency Injection for 
Java) and targets the CDI-1.2 specification (JavaEE 7). It can be run 
standalone, in Servlet containers or fully integrated in JavaEE Containers.
We pass the standalone CDI TCK and the JavaEE7 CDI-TCK (inside Apache 

OpenWebBeans is modularly built and can be used either in pure Java SE, in a 
Servlet Container like e.g. Tomcat or in fully fledged JavaEE containers.
Our core is only 500k and thus brings full JavaEE compatibility at a smaller 
size than most so called ‚micro solutions‘.

OWB-1.7.3 is a bugfix release and at least requires Java7.

Distribution packages can be downloaded from
If you are looking for an older version then please visit
The release is also available via maven

We include command line installer scripts in our binary distribution which can 
be used as easy as:

$> unzip
$> cd openwebbeans-distribution-1.7.3
$> ./install_owb_tomcat7.bat /opt/your/apache-tomcat-8.x.x

(works with Apache Tomcat7, 8, 8.5 and 9)

Please also visit our homepage

have fun,
The Apache OpenWebBeans Team

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