The Apache Commons community is happy to announce the availability of Apache 
Commons Lang 3.6.

Apache Commons Lang provides helper utilities for the java.lang API, notably 
String manipulation methods, basic numerical methods, object reflection, 
concurrency, creation and serialization and System properties. Additionally it 
contains basic enhancements to java.util.Date and a series of utilities 
dedicated to help with building methods, such as hashCode, toString and equals.

The most important changes in this release are:

- deprecation of a lot of string/text related methods and classes in favor of 
Commons Text (see
- Addition of the Automatic-Module-Name MANIFEST entry for compatibility with 
the Java 9 module system.

For more details see the release notes at:

Distribution packages can be downloaded from:

When downloading, please verify signatures using the KEYS file available at:

Maven artifacts are also available in the central Maven repository:


Have fun,
Benedikt, on behalf of the Apache Commons Community

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