The Apache Directory Project announces the seventh release of Fortress - 2.0.0 

FORTRESS provides Role-Based Access Control components that are fully ANSI 
INCITS 359 compliant and production ready.  These may be embedded as a runtime 
Java library (fortress-core), secure Apache Tomcat web deployments 
(fortress-realm), HTML pages for policy administration (fortress-web), and 
RESTful service wrappers of the core apis (fortress-rest).

This major release requires Java version 8. It adds formal support of ApacheDS 
giving full IETF password policy coverage for both it and OpenLDAP. 

There are Docker images preconfigured with Apache DS & OpenLDAP for rapid 
deployment and testing:

To download source or binary packages of this release:

To learn how to install an LDAP server so that you can use Fortress inside your 

The components are downloadable via Maven under group name

Apache Fortress 2.0.0 improvements include:
  * Java 8 requirement
  * Usage of Apache LDAP API v1.0.0
  * FC-209 Missing object classes when create permission attribute and sets
  * FC-210 Programatically determine which methods have ARBAC checks
  * FC-211 Support ApacheDS password policies
  * FC-212 ApacheDS in Docker

The report pulled from JIRA: 

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