The Apache MyFaces team is pleased to announce the release of MyFaces Core

MyFaces Core is a JavaServer(tm) Faces 2.3 implementation as specified by

MyFaces Core 2.3.0-beta is available in both binary and source


MyFaces Core is also available in the central Maven repository under Group
ID "org.apache.myfaces.core".

Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.3.0-beta


    [MYFACES-4092] - Implement CDI extension for @FacesDataModel
    [MYFACES-4093] - Implement CDI extension for @FacesConverter
    [MYFACES-4094] - Implement CDI extension for @FacesValidator
    [MYFACES-4095] - Implement CDI extension for @FacesBehavior
    [MYFACES-4096] - Implement CDI extension for @ManagedProperty
    [MYFACES-4097] - Implement CDI changes for @FacesConfig


    [MYFACES-3644] - cleanup ViewState handling
    [MYFACES-4104] - Update plugins to compile java 8 code in JSF 2.3 branch
    [MYFACES-4105] - Implement extensionless mapping of views
    [MYFACES-4107] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in getResourceVersion
    [MYFACES-4117] - No default name for @FacesComponent with
createTag=true and no tagName
    [MYFACES-4119] - Disposal method from PushContextFactoryBean is missing
@Push annotation


    [MYFACES-4099] - Allow resolve #{cc} inside templates called from a
composite component
    [MYFACES-4102] - Check improvements in FlowHandler for JSF 2.3

New Feature

    [MYFACES-4069] - Implement f:websocket and related api
    [MYFACES-4070] - Implement h:commandScript and related api
    [MYFACES-4071] - Implement dynamic resource loading in ajax requests
    [MYFACES-4075] - SearchExpression API
    [MYFACES-4078] - Expose StateCacheFactory/StateCache as a SPI service
    [MYFACES-4079] - Implement CDI changes for JSF 2.3
    [MYFACES-4083] - Add copy constructor to wrappers
    [MYFACES-4084] - Implement f:importConstants
    [MYFACES-4085] - Constants for "jsf.js", "javax.faces" and postback
    [MYFACES-4086] - Deprecate native managed beans annotations
    [MYFACES-4087] - Add PostRenderViewEvent
    [MYFACES-4088] - Add constructor with facesContext to event classes
    [MYFACES-4089] - Add Iterable support in UIData and UIRepeat
    [MYFACES-4090] - Add Map support in UIData and UIRepeat
    [MYFACES-4091] - Add custom type support in UIData and UIRepeat
    [MYFACES-4098] - Implement ResourceHandler.getViewResources(...)
    [MYFACES-4101] - Implement f:importConstants
    [MYFACES-4103] - Implement ViewHandler.getViews(...)
    [MYFACES-4106] - Implement ResourceHandler.markResourceRendered(...)
and ResourceHandler.isResourceRendered(...)
    [MYFACES-4108] - Implement FaceletCache.setCacheFactories(...)
    [MYFACES-4109] - Implement f:validateWholeBean
    [MYFACES-4110] - Implement javax.faces.model.IterableDataModel
    [MYFACES-4111] - Implement h:column styleClass property
    [MYFACES-4112] - Implement h:dataTable rowClass
    [MYFACES-4113] - Implement h:panelGrid rowClass
    [MYFACES-4115] - Implement h:selectOneRadio "group" (distributed radio
    [MYFACES-4116] - Implement JDK 8 time support in f:convertDateTime
    [MYFACES-4118] - Implement new changes of javax.faces.ViewState update
on ajax for multiple forms


    [MYFACES-4121] - Fix javadoc for 2.3 branch and update


Leonardo Uribe

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