I'm happy to announce the release of Apache Subversion 1.9.6.
Please choose the mirror closest to you by visiting:


This release fixes a bug where a repository would fail to store two files
having identical SHA-1 checksums [1].  Further information is available
in the 1.9.x series release notes [2] and in a new FAQ entry [3].

[1] http://shattered.io/
[2] https://subversion.apache.org/docs/release-notes/1.9#shattered-sha1
[3] https://subversion.apache.org/faq#shattered-sha1

The SHA1 checksums are:

    3375e697805fcdf6dc8c9b52f4e6626f70cabcd6 subversion-1.9.6.tar.bz2
    89e1b3f9d79422c094ccb95769360d5fe7df2bb1 subversion-1.9.6.tar.gz
    ba1a683297f176ef1a306dfeb894ede0236ef3b8 subversion-1.9.6.zip

SHA-512 checksums are available at:


PGP Signatures are available at:


For this release, the following people have provided PGP signatures:

   Julian Foad [4096R/1FB064B84EECC493] with fingerprint:
    6011 63CF 9D49 9FD7 18CF  582D 1FB0 64B8 4EEC C493
   Philip Martin [2048R/76D788E1ED1A599C] with fingerprint:
    A844 790F B574 3606 EE95  9207 76D7 88E1 ED1A 599C
   Bert Huijben [4096R/C4A6C625CCC8E1DF] with fingerprint:
    3D1D C66D 6D2E 0B90 3952  8138 C4A6 C625 CCC8 E1DF
   Stefan Sperling [2048R/4F7DBAA99A59B973] with fingerprint:
    8BC4 DAE0 C5A4 D65F 4044  0107 4F7D BAA9 9A59 B973
   Stefan Fuhrmann [4096R/99EC741B57921ACC] with fingerprint:
    056F 8016 D9B8 7B1B DE41  7467 99EC 741B 5792 1ACC
   Stefan Hett (CODE SIGNING KEY) [4096R/376A3CFD110B1C95] with fingerprint:
    7B8C A7F6 451A D89C 8ADC  077B 376A 3CFD 110B 1C95
   Branko ─îibej [4096R/1BCA6586A347943F] with fingerprint:
    BA3C 15B1 337C F0FB 222B  D41A 1BCA 6586 A347 943F
   Daniel Shahaf [3072R/A5FEEE3AC7937444] with fingerprint:
    E966 46BE 08C0 AF0A A0F9  0788 A5FE EE3A C793 7444
   Johan Corveleyn [4096R/B59CE6D6010C8AAD] with fingerprint:
    8AA2 C10E EAAD 44F9 6972  7AEA B59C E6D6 010C 8AAD

Release notes for the 1.9.x release series may be found at:


You can find the list of changes between 1.9.6 and earlier versions at:


Questions, comments, and bug reports to us...@subversion.apache.org.

- The Subversion Team

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