The Apache Ignite Community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Ignite 
2.1.0 [1].

This release incorporates a tremendous feature that was donated to the project 
- Ignite Persistent Store that altogether with the Durable Memory architecture 
empowers your applications with in-memory performance and durability of the 

The Ignite Persistent Store is a distributed ACID and SQL-compliant disk store 
that transparently integrates with Ignite as an optional disk tier (SSD, Flash, 
3D XPoint). Having the store enabled, you no longer need to keep all the data 
in memory or warm RAM up after the whole cluster restart. The persistent store 
will keep the superset of data and all the SQL indexes on disk making Ignite 
fully operational from disk. 

Considering these and many other changes we redefined the definition of Ignite 
a bit that know sounds:

Ignite is a memory-centric platform
        • combining a distributed SQL database
        • with a key-value data grid
        • that is ACID-compliant
        • and horizontally scalable

Learn more about the transition from the in-memory to memory-centric 
architecture from 2.1 announcement blog post:

Attend the meetup today in Bay Area, CA to get insights on the new additions:

In addition the release includes support for CREATE and DROP table commands, 
adds new Machine Learning algorithms such as K-means clustering and 
regressions, enables peer-class-loading for .NET and provides Compute Grid APIs 
for C++.

The full list of the changes can be found here:

Please visit this page and check the release out:



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