The Apache VCL project is pleased to announce the release of version 2.5. 
There are several new features and quite a number of bugs fixed since 2.4.2.

Information on downloading and installing it can be found on our download 

Release notes can be found here:

A change log for these releases can be found here:

Installation and upgrade scripts are included in the release. There are web 
instructions on manually doing installs and upgrades linked to from the 
download page.

The Apache VCL is a self-service system used to dynamically provision and 
broker remote access to a dedicated compute environment for an end-user. The 
provisioned computers are typically housed in a data center and may be 
physical blade servers, traditional rack mounted servers, or virtual machines. 
VCL can also broker access to standalone machines such as a lab computers on a 
university campus.

One of the primary goals of VCL is to deliver a dedicated compute environment 
to a user for a limited time through a web interface. This compute environment 
can range from something as simple as a virtual machine running productivity 
software to a machine room blade running high end software (i.e. a CAD, 
GIS, statistical package or an Enterprise level application) to a cluster of 
interconnected physical (bare metal) compute nodes.

Using the scheduling API, VCL can be used to automate the provisioning of 
servers in a server farm or HPC cluster.

Josh Thompson
Apache VCL release manager

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