Apache Bahir provides extensions to multiple distributed analytic
platforms, extending their reach with a diversity of streaming connectors
and SQL data sources.
The Apache Bahir community is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Bahir 2.2.0 which provides the following extensions for Apache Spark 2.2.0:

   - Apache CouchDB/Cloudant SQL data source
   - Apache CouchDB/Cloudant Streaming
   - Akka Streaming
   - Akka Structured Streaming
   - Google Cloud Pub/Sub Streaming connector
   - MQTT Streaming
   - MQTT Structured Streaming
   - Twitter Streaming
   - ZeroMQ Streaming

For more information about Apache Bahir and to download the
latest release go to:


For more details on how to use Apache Bahir extensions in your
application please visit our documentation page


The Apache Bahir PMC

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