The Apache UIMA team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache UIMA-DUCC version 2.2.2.

The Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) is a component framework supporting development, discovery, composition, and deployment of multi-modal analytics tasked with the analysis of unstructured information.

Apache UIMA is an Apache licensed open source implementation of the UIMA specification which is being developed by a technical committee within OASIS, a standards organization. The implementation comprises an SDK and tooling for composing and running analytic components written in Java and
C++, with some support for Perl, Python and TCL.

DUCC stands for Distributed UIMA Cluster Computing. DUCC is a cluster management system providing tooling,management, and scheduling facilities to automate the scale-out of applications written to the UIMA framework. Core UIMA provides a generalized framework for applications that process unstructured information such as human language, but does not provide a scale-out mechanism. UIMA-AS provides a scale-out mechanism to distribute UIMA pipelines over a cluster of computing resources, but does not provide job or cluster management of the resources.

DUCC defines a formal job model that closely maps to a standard UIMA pipeline. Around this job model DUCC provides cluster management services to automate the scale-out of UIMA pipelines over computing clusters. It is primarily intended to be used for research and development activities where multiple users need to efficiently share cluster resources for a wide variety of computational activities. Because DUCC is built for UIMA-based analytics from the ground up it automatically makes available such details as what annotators are currently initializing as well as the timing breakdown for each primitive annotator in a pipeline.

More information about DUCC is here:

This release contains a number of improvements and bug fixes. Notable updates in this release include:

- Upgraded UIMA (2.10.2), UIMA-AS (2.10.2), ActiveMQ (5.15.2), Spring Framework (4.3.9), Camel (2.19.3), XStream (1.4.10) - Requires java 8 for builds and runtime. User jobs and services must use java 8.
- Fixed rogue process detector to prevent truncation of user names
- Reduced size of publications between the PM and Agents
- Improved Agent's detection of defunct processes
- Improved logging of system events ducc_watcher improvements
- Job & managed reservation specs now saved in DB
- DUCC Web Server (WS) queries DB too often
- DUCC Web Server (WS) should use Resource Manager (RM) calculated value for machine's memory available

For a complete list of bugs and improvements included in this release
please see

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-- Jerry Cwiklik, for the Apache UIMA development team

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