Good morning ladies and gents!

The Apache Johnzon community is pleased to announce the maintenance release of 
Apache Johnzon 1.0.1

Apache Johnzon is a Java library for parsing and creating JSON.

Johnzon-1.0.1 is a maintenance release at EE7 level and implements the Json 
Processing JSON-P 1.0 and Json Binding JSON-B 1.0 specifications (JavaEE 7 
Johnzon also provides an own Mapper API which provides extended functionality, 
a streaming API and a JAX-RS integration module.

In this release we backported many fixes from our mainstream version (Apache 
Johnzon-1.1.7, JSON-P 1.1, JavaEE 8 level) to EE7.

Johnzon is used in the Apache TomEE JavaEE server and the Apache OpenWebBeans 
Meecrowave embedded server and many other Apache projects.


The download, sigs and KEYS files can be found at

have fun!
your Apache Johnzon community

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