The Apache BookKeeper team is proud to announce Apache BookKeeper version 4.8.0.

Apache BookKeeper is a scalable, fault-tolerant, and low-latency
storage service optimized for
real-time workloads. It has been used for a fundamental service to
build reliable services.
It is also the log segment store for Apache DistributedLog and the
message store for Apache Pulsar.

This is the 13th release of the Apache BookKeeper.

The main features in 4.8.0 are around following areas:

- Relaxed Durability: new DEFERRED_SYNC WriteFlag to defer waiting for
sync on Journals

- ExplicitLAC feature: Now ExplicitLAC is no more best-effort but is
can be persisted durably on Bookies

- New Table Storage Service: a new scalable distributed Key-Value
store embedded in Bookies

For BookKeeper release details and downloads, visit:

BookKeeper 4.8.0 Release Notes are at:

We would like to thank the contributors that made the release possible.


The BookKeeper Team

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