The Apache NiFi team would like to announce the release of Apache NiFi MiNiFi
C++ 0.6.0.

MiNiFi—a subproject of Apache NiFi—is a complementary data collection
approach that supplements the core tenets of NiFi in dataflow management,
focusing on the collection of data at the source of its creation.

Specific goals for the initial thrust of the MiNiFi effort comprise:

   - Small size and low resource consumption
   - Central management of agents
   - Generation of data provenance (full chain of custody of information)
   - Integration with NiFi for follow-on dataflow management

Highlights of 0.6.0 release include:

   - Began structuring library known as NanoFi
   - Added several processors (WEL Reader, Sensor Readers, and HashContent
   to name a few )
   - Added JNI Support to run NiFi processors in MiNiFi C++ flows,  when
   Java is allowed and enabled
   - Added Support for Natively written Python processors
   - Added a CoAP package for Command and Control
   - Windows support through Visual Studio with appveyor build
   - Added docker builds for centos, debian, fedora,  u16, and u18
   - Improved static build process across distros

More details on Apache NiFi - MiNiFi C++ can be found here:

The release artifacts can be downloaded from here:

Issues closed/resolved for this list can be found here:

Release note highlights can be found here:

Thank you
The Apache NiFi team

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