Hello all,

ComDev PMC is pleased to announce our next Apache Local Community [1]
ALC Chapter - ALC Budapest [2] and Attila Bukor as ALC Budapest Chapter

We have the following members in ALC Budapest:

1. Dániel Dékány
-- ASF Member
-- Chair, Freemarker
-- Committer (Incubator)

2. Gézapeti
-- Chair, Oozie

3. Tamás Cservenák
-- PMC (Maven)

4. Attila Bukor
-- PMC (Kudo)

5. Márton Balassi
-- PMC (Flink)
-- Committer (Incubator)

6. István Fajth
-- Contributor (Hadoop, Ozone)

Congratulations to the ALC Budapest Chapter and wishing them the best
luck for their future events.

[1] https://s.apache.org/alc
[2] https://s.apache.org/alc-budapest

Best regards,
The Apache ComDev team,

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