The Apache Kylin team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
the 3.0.2 release.

This is a bugfix release after 3.0.1, with 25 bug fixes and enhancements.
All of the changes in this release can be found in:

You can download the source release and binary packages from Apache Kylin's
download page:

Apache Kylin is an open-source Distributed Analytical Data Warehouse for
Big Data; it was designed to provide OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)
capability in the big data era. By renovating the multi-dimensional cube
and precalculation technology on Hadoop and Spark, Kylin is able to achieve
near-constant query speed regardless of the ever-growing data volume.
Reducing query latency from minutes to sub-second, Kylin brings online
analytics back to big data.

Apache Kylin lets you query billions of rows at sub-second latency in 3
1. Identify a Star/Snowflake Schema on Hadoop.
2. Build Cube from the identified tables.
3. Query using ANSI-SQL and get results in sub-second, via ODBC, JDBC or

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release.

We welcome your help and feedback. For more information on how to report
problems, and to get involved, visit the project website at



Best regards,

Ni Chunen / George

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