The Apache Commons Imaging team is pleased to announce the 
commons-imaging-1.0-alpha2 release!

Apache Commons Imaging (previously Sanselan) is a pure-Java image library.

There are breaking changes between 1.0-alpha1 and 1.0-alpha2, until we 
stabilize the API for our 1.0 release.
Users are encouraged to read the release notes when updating to this new 

For details of the fixes and new features please see:

[These are also included with the binary and source archives]

The changes are also available at:

Binary and source archives are available from:

Please see the Apache Commons Imaging website for full details:

The Maven coordinates are:


Changes in this version include:

New features:
o IMAGING-248:  ICNS: missing element types; some safety checks Thanks to Greg 
o IMAGING-245:  Add disposal method to GIF metadata Thanks to Christoffer 
o IMAGING-146:  Add documentation for the color package
o IMAGING-244:  Use isEmpty instead of comparing size() with integers
o IMAGING-243:  PNG Writer Indexed Color with semi-transparent Pixels and 
Better Compression Thanks to Andreas Menze.
o IMAGING-239:  Add inflate (deflate algorithm) to TIFF files Thanks to Paul 
o IMAGING-164:  Simplify code in IcoImageParser::writeImage Thanks to Michael 
o IMAGING-165:  Add the fields from TiffReader.Collector to TiffContents Thanks 
to Michael Groß.
o IMAGING-228:  Remove private method PhotometricInterpreterLogLuv#cube by 
o IMAGING-236:  Add support to read multiple images from GIF Thanks to 
Christoffer Rydberg.

Fixed Bugs:
o IMAGING-247:  Fix crash when reading TIFF using PackBits Thanks to Gary Lucas.
o IMAGING-246:  Invalid Block Size error prevents handling of block 1084, 
Macintosh NSPrintInfo
o IMAGING-163:  Add XmpEmbedabble interface to parsers that support it
o IMAGING-151:  ColorGroup.color_counts is mutable public List and is multiply 
o IMAGING-242:  Upgrade to JUnit 5
o IMAGING-241:  Copy byte arrays fixing TODO markers
o IMAGING-136:  Imaging.getImageInfo() fails to read JPEG file Thanks to 
Michael Groß.
o IMAGING-238:  Return copied byte arrays in Png Chunk and Png Chunk ICCP
o IMAGING-230:  Properly close resources with try-with-resources in 
o IMAGING-134:  Invalid (RST) marker found in entropy data Thanks to Michael 
o IMAGING-130:  Reading of some GIF images throws 
AddStringToTable: codes: 4096 code_size: 12 Thanks to Michael Sommerville.
o IMAGING-224:  Fix build errors in Travis
o IMAGING-167:  Possible infinite loop at XpmImageParser::writeImage Thanks to 
Michael Groß.
o IMAGING-211:  Imaging.getBufferedImage fails throwing 
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for specific inputs
o IMAGING-210:  Imaging.getBufferedImage fails throwing 
NegativeArraySizeException for specific inputs

o IMAGING-258:  Prevent exception in TIFF when reading EXIF directory Thanks to 
Gary Lucas.
o IMAGING-260:  Fix mvn site failure with JavaNCSS parse error
o IMAGING-259:  Enhance TIFF DataReaders speed for compressed RGB Thanks to 
Gary Lucas.
o IMAGING-251:  Support for TIFF floating-point formats Thanks to Gary Lucas.
o IMAGING-254:  Small code improvements
o IMAGING-253:  ByteSourceInputStream has initialized its length when reading 
starts Thanks to David Hrbacek.
o IMAGING-249:  Make IPTCBlock members private and add getter/setter
o               Update tests from commons-io:commons-io 2.6 to 2.7. Thanks to 
Gary Gregory.
o               Update commons-parent from 50 to 51 #88. Thanks to Dependabot.
o               Update actions/checkout from v1 to v2.3.1 #87. Thanks to 
o               Update junit-jupiter from 5.5.2 to 5.6.2 #86. Thanks to 

Have fun!
-Apache Commons Imaging team

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