The Apache Tomcat team announces the immediate availability of Apache
Tomcat 10.0.0 (beta).

Apache Tomcat 10 is an open source software implementation of the
Jakarta Servlet, Jakarta Server Pages, Jakarta Expression Language,
Jakarta WebSocket, Jakarta Authentication and Jakarta Annotations

Users of Tomcat 10 onwards should be aware that, as a result of the move
from Java EE to Jakarta EE as part of the transfer of Java EE to the
Eclipse Foundation, the primary package for all implemented APIs has
changed from javax.* to jakarta.*. This will almost certainly require
code changes to enable applications to migrate from Tomcat 9 and earlier
to Tomcat 10 and later. A migration tool is under development to aid
this process.

Apache Tomcat 10.0.0 (beta) is a beta release of the 10.0.x
branch. The notable changes compared to 10.0.0-M10 include:

- The Jakarta EE specifications are now final. Tomcat passes the TCKs
  apart from a number of expected failures that don't impact
  specification compliance.

- The APR/Native AJP and HTTP connectors have been deprecated.
  Tomcat Native will continue to be used to support OpenSSL use with NIO
  and NIO2.

- Align the behaviour of ServletContext.getRealPath(String path) with
  the recent clarification from the Servlet specification project. If
  the path parameter does not start with / then Tomcat processes the
  call as if / is appended to the beginning of the provided path.

Please refer to the change log for the complete list of changes:


Migration guides from Apache Tomcat 7.0.x, 8.5.x and 9.0.x:


- The Apache Tomcat team

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