The Apache IoTDB team is pleased to announce the release of Apache IoTDB

Apache IoTDB (Database for Internet of Things) is an IoT native database
with high performance for data management and analysis, deployable on the
edge and the cloud.

This is a bug-fixed version of 0.11.3,  which includes a number of improvements:

* IOTDB-1303 Disable group by without aggregation function in select clause
* IOTDB-1306 Fix insertion blocked caused the deadlock in memory control module
* IOTDB-1308 Fix users with READ_TIMESERIES permission cannot execute
group by fill queries
* IOTDB-1344 Fix cannot create timeseries caused by the timeseries
count doesn't reset when deleting storage group
* IOTDB-1384 Some value will disappear while using group by query
* IOTDB-1398 Do not select unseq files when there are uncompacted old
unseq files
* ISSUE-3316 Fix query result with the same time range is inconsistent
in group by query
* Fix TotalSeriesNumber in MManager counted twice when recovering
* Fix unseq compaction throws a wrong exception if some paths are not
in the file
* Fix overlapped data should be consumed first exception when query
* [IOTDB-1356] Separate unseq_file_num_in_each_level from selecting
candidate file in unseq compaction
* [IOTDB-1412] Unclear exception message thrown when executing empty
* continuous compaction in level compaction strategy when no tsfile is
to be closed
* support brackets with number in timeseries path

The full release note is available at:

The release is available for download at:

Maven artifacts for JDBC driver, session SDK, TsFile SDK, Spark-connector,
Hadoop-connector, Hive-connector and Flink-connector can be found at:

Docker image of IoTDB server can be found at:

Python API package can be found at:

The Apache IoTDB team

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