The Apache Tomcat team announces the immediate availability of Apache
Tomcat 8.5.81.

Apache Tomcat 8 is an open source software implementation of the Java
Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Unified Expression Language, Java
WebSocket and JASPIC technologies.

Apache Tomcat 8.5.81 is a bugfix and feature release. The notable
changes compared to 8.5.79 include:

- Ensure that changes made to a request by the RemoteIPValve persist
  after the request is put into asynchronous mode.

- Correct a regression in the support added for encrypted PKCS#1
  formatted private keys in the previous release that broke support
  for unencrypted PKCS#1 formatted private keys.

- Increase the default buffer size for cluster messages from 43800
  to 65536 bytes. This is expected to improve performance for large
  messages when running on Linux based systems.

- When using TLS with non-blocking writes and the NIO connector,
  ensure that flushing the buffers attempts to empty all of the
  output buffers.

Along with lots of other bug fixes and improvements.

Please refer to the change log for the complete list of changes:


Migration guides from Apache Tomcat 7.x and 8.0:


- The Apache Tomcat team

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