Severity: This can result in Man-in -the-middle command injection attacks, 
leading potentially to leakage of sensible information like user credentials. 
Exploit in IMAP requires a local account but SMTP exploit does not. Data 
integrity could be compromised in POP3.


Apache James prior to release 3.6.3 and 3.7.1 is vulnerable to a buffering 
attack relying on the use of the STARTTLS command. 

Fix of CVE-2021-38542, which solved similar problem fron Apache James 3.6.1, is 
subject to a parser differential and do not take into account concurrent 

This issue is being tracked as JAMES-1862


Upgrade to Apache James 3.7.1 or Apache James 3.6.3.


Apache James PMC would like to thanks Benoit TELLIER for this report, and 
Fabian Ising for his support.


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