The Apache Daffodil community is pleased to announce the
release of version 3.7.0.

This release includes a number of bug fixes and performance

Detailed release notes and downloads are available at:

Apache Daffodil is an open-source implementation of the DFDL
specification that uses DFDL data descriptions to parse fixed format
data into an infoset. This infoset is commonly converted into XML or
JSON to enable the use of well-established XML or JSON technologies
and libraries to consume, inspect, and manipulate fixed format data in
existing solutions. Daffodil is also capable of serializing or
"unparsing" data back to the original data format. The DFDL infoset
can also be converted directly to/from the  data structures carried by
data processing frameworks so as to bypass any XML/JSON overheads.

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The Apache Daffodil Team

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