Severity: moderate

Affected versions:

- Apache Solr Operator 0.3.0 through 0.8.0


Insertion of Sensitive Information into Log File vulnerability in the Apache 
Solr Operator.

This issue affects all versions of the Apache Solr Operator from 0.3.0 through 

When asked to bootstrap Solr security, the operator will enable basic 
authentication and create several accounts for accessing Solr: including the 
"solr" and "admin" accounts for use by end-users, and a "k8s-oper" account 
which the operator uses for its own requests to Solr.
One common source of these operator requests is healthchecks: liveness, 
readiness, and startup probes are all used to determine Solr's health and 
ability to receive traffic.
By default, the operator configures the Solr APIs used for these probes to be 
exempt from authentication, but users may specifically request that 
authentication be required on probe endpoints as well.
Whenever one of these probes would fail, if authentication was in use, the Solr 
Operator would create a Kubernetes "event" containing the username and password 
of the "k8s-oper" account.

Within the affected version range, this vulnerability affects any solrcloud 
resource which (1) bootstrapped security through use of the 
`` option, and (2) required 
authentication be used on probes by setting 

Users are recommended to upgrade to Solr Operator version 0.8.1, which fixes 
this issue by ensuring that probes no longer print the credentials used for 
Solr requests.  Users may also mitigate the vulnerability by disabling 
authentication on their healthcheck probes using the setting 

This issue is being tracked as SOLR-17216 


Flip Hess (finder)


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