Severity: low

Affected versions:

- Apache Airflow 2.7.0 through 2.8.4


Airflow versions 2.7.0 through 2.8.4 have a vulnerability that allows an 
authenticated user to see sensitive provider configuration via the 
"configuration" UI page when "non-sensitive-only" was set as 
"webserver.expose_config" configuration (The celery provider is the only 
community provider currently that has sensitive configurations). You should 
migrate to Airflow 2.9 or change your "expose_config" configuration to False as 
a workaround. This is similar, but different to  CVE-2023-46288  which concerned API, not UI 
configuration page.


Manmeet Rangoola (finder)
Jarek Potiuk (remediation developer)


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