The Apache NiFi team would like to announce the release of Apache NiFi
MiNiFi C++ 0.99.0.

New features in this release:
Added support for using NiFi 2.0 Python processors in MiNiFi C++
Added new python based multiplatform bootstrap script
Added encryption support for sensitive properties in flow configuration
Releasing Windows installer now can be done (and will be done) under
the Apache license
Added support for service installation on MacOS
Added C2 debug command to MiNiFi Controller
Added support for setting MiNiFi properties from command line
Added system load average field to C2 and Prometheus metrics
Added support for manually configuring RocksDB options
Added custom delimiter property for ListenTCP processor
Added bandwidth limit properties to InvokeHTTP processor
Added JSON flow configuration examples

New processors:
Added PutSmb, FetchSmb and ListSmb processor for SMB networking protocol support
Added PushGrafanaLokiGrpc and PushGrafanaLokiREST processors for
pushing logs to Grafana Loki
Added JoltTransform to use Jolt JSON transformations
Added SplitText processor
Added AttributeRollingWindow processor

Changes and improvements:
Dropped support for disabling peer verification in InvokeHTTP
Corrupt flow files are now filtered to avoid errors in the flow
Using administrative yield duration instead of onschedule retry
interval in scheduling adjusting to NiFi's functionality
Fixed high disk IO usage issue with MergeContent
Fixed the site-to-site transfer or large files
Fixed memory leak caused by unused loggers
Fixed yielding processors to still respect scheduling period

Upgraded dependencies:
Upgraded OpenSSL to version 3.3.0
Upgraded AWS SDK to version 1.11.219 with support for new AWS regions
Upgraded libuvc to version 0.0.7
Upgraded docker base image to alpine:3.18
Upgraded Sol2 to version 3.3.0

MiNiFi—a subproject of Apache NiFi—is a complementary data collection
approach that supplements the core tenets of NiFi in dataflow
management, focusing on the collection of data at the source of its

Specific goals for the initial thrust of the MiNiFi effort comprise:

Small size and low resource consumption
Central management of agents
Generation of data provenance (full chain of custody of information)
Integration with NiFi for follow-on dataflow management

More details on Apache NiFi MiNiFi can be found here:

The release artifacts can be downloaded from here:

Issues closed/resolved for this list can be found here:

Release note highlights can be found here:

Thank you
The Apache NiFi team

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