The HBase team is happy to announce the immediate availability of HBase

Apache HBaseâ„¢ is an open-source, distributed, versioned, non-relational
database. Apache HBase gives you low latency random access to billions of rows
with millions of columns atop non-specialized hardware. To learn more about
HBase, see

HBase 2.4.18 is the last patch release for the HBase 2.4.x release line. It
includes 186 resolved issues since 2.4.17. Users on 2.4.x release line are
encouraged to upgrade to our current stable release line 2.5.x if you want
more official support time, or try our newest minor release line 2.6.x if you
want to try the new features like TLS.

The full list of issues and release notes can be found here:


or via our issue tracker:

To download please follow the links and instructions on our website:

Questions, comments, and problems are always welcome at:

Thanks to all who contributed and made this release possible.

The HBase Dev Team

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