The Apache Pulsar team is proud to announce the Reactive client for
Apache Pulsar, version 0.5.6.

The Reactive client for Apache Pulsar can be used together with any
Reactive Streams implementation on the JVM. Examples include Project
Reactor / Spring Reactive, Akka Streams, RxJava 3, Vert.x, SmallRye
Mutiny (RedHat/Quarkus), ServiceTalk and others. (Reactive Streams to
JDK Flow adapters might be needed in some cases.)

Reactive programming is about non-blocking applications that are
asynchronous and event-driven and require a small number of threads to
The Reactive client for Apache Pulsar supports non-blocking, reactive
& asynchronous back pressure for producing and consuming messages.
The library provides an interface module "pulsar-client-reactive-api"
that abstracts the Reactive client API. This interface is currently
implemented by wrapping the Apache Pulsar Java client and adapting the
existing asynchronous Java API to the Reactive client API. The
decoupled reactive interfaces makes it possible to implement a fully
native reactive client in the future.

Source package is available for download at

Maven packages are available in Maven central. Please check for usage
with Maven or Gradle builds.

Release Notes are at:

We would like to thank the contributors that made the release possible.


The Pulsar Team

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