The election results have been processed using OpenSTV by multiple members of 
the Membership Committee, and I am now confident that we have a result ready 
for review pending confirmation next week. Full election materials can be found 

Candidates are sorted here in their order of overall preference after all 
preferences have been considered according to the Meek STV with 
Droop-Dynamic-Fractional threshold method. The first seven preferences will be 
elected as Board members after confirmation; the remaining three will be 
elected as Deputies.

Board Members:
* Florian Effenberger 
* Thorsten Behrens    
* Michael Meeks       
* Caolán McNamara     
* Italo Vignoli       
* Olivier Hallot      
* Charles-H Schulz    

* Bjoern Michaelsen  
* Andreas Mantke     
* Jesús Corrius   

The detailed results of running OpenSTV can be found at and a list 
of all votes cast can be found at

You can run the calculation yourself using OpenSTV from;  the machine-readable votes are at and the 
preference ordering is achieved by sorting according to keep factor in the 
final round of calculation.

Any eligible voter may challenge the preliminary results by e-mailing prior to 2011-10-26 at 23:59 UTC with a 
detailed explanation of their challenge. The decision of the Membership 
Committee as to any challenge shall be final. Once any challenges have been 
resolved, the Membership Committee shall announce the final results. 

Simon Phipps
Election Officer, TDF 2011 Elections

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