# IndieWeb by Myles Braithwaite; GitAnnex by Chris Browne and Unison by Alex 

## IndieWeb by Myles Braithwaite
IndieWeb is a set of principles and building blocks for you to independently 
maintain your social data on your own web domains rather than on large, 
centralized social networking services. Myles' will be disucssing how to setup 
your own IndieWeb compitable website.

## GitAnnex by Chris Browne
git annex is a file synchronizer that uses Git to manage its metadata and to 
help provide synchronization infrastructure. I'll give an introduction and 
description of some common use cases.

## Unison by Alex Volkov
Unison is a file synchronizer fior OSX, Unix and windows, it allows two 
replicas of a file or files to be changed independently, then brought up to 
date by propagating changes. I'll give a short introduction and common use 
cases for the program.

## Location

George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre
245 Church Street, Room 203
Ryerson University



## Schedule

* 6:00 pm - Please discuss on the general mailing list (i.e. <t...@gtalug.org>) 
where you want to go for dinner.
* 7:30 pm - Meeting and presentation.
* 9:00 pm - After each meeting, a group of GTALUGers move to The Imperial Pub 
(54 Dundas St East) for refreshments and more socialising.

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